Every CS2 console command and cheat (2024)

What are the CS2 console commands and cheats? Keeping in line with past entries in the decades-old series of tactical shooters, messing around with the CS2 command line interface can yield some interesting results. From test beds to useful analytical data dumps, knowing how to use this advanced aspect of the game can help you understand its inner workings to a greater degree.

How you use Counter-Strike 2 console commands and cheats hasn’t changed massively from CSGO. Rather than switching to a completely different engine, it’s merely using a modern update to Valve’s in-house development platform. Just because there are some similarities, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few differences.For more CS2 guides before things get complicated, boost your performance in your next match with the best CS2 crosshair codes. Learning all about every map in Counter-Strike 2 will help you rank well in the CS2 Premier Mode format.

Every CS2 console command and cheat (1)

Counter-Strike 2 console commands and cheats

You need to activate the cheats command before you can use any of the console commands in the list below.With any console commands that end in “1” or “0”, remember that 1 means on and 0 means off.

CS2 console commandEffect
sv_cheats 1 / 0Allows or disallows CS2 cheat commands to work.
cl_disable_ragdolls 1 / 0Enables or disables ragdoll physics on player death.
cl_showfps 1 / 0Enables or disables the FPS counter.
mp_roundtime / mp_roundtime_defuse / mp_roundtime_hostageLets you adjust the time for regular, defuse, and hostage matches.
godGrants infinite health.
noclipAllows you to fly around the map for training or video framing purposes.
give_weapon_(weapon name)Gives you the defined weapon.
r_drawOther-Models1 / 0Lets you see other players through walls.
sv_gravityLets you toggle low-gravity.
sv_lan 1Sets up a local private server.
ent_bboxShows a rogue idea of an object’s collision box (can help illustrate potential hiding spots)
cl_drawhud 0Removes all HUD elements
cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1Removes most HUD elements except your crosshair and any death notices in the top right corner
bot_placeAdds a bot to your cursor position
bot_kickRemoves all bots from the current game

How to open the Counter-Strike 2 console command box

To open the CS2 console command box, you need to dive into the Game Settings tab on the general CS2 settings screen. Look for, and tick, the “Enable Developer Console” settingfirst, then use the “~” key on your keyboard at any time to call it up.

You can even enter a command via Steam to cause the CS2 console command box to launch with the game. Check the dedicated section for that below.

Every CS2 console command and cheat (2)

Counter-Strike 2 console command launch options

You can use these CS2 console commands through the game’s preferences page on Steam to activate as the game launches:

CS2 console commandEffect
-novidSkips the launch video.
-fullscreenBoots the game in fullscreen mode.
-consoleAutomatically opens the CS2 console command line box when the game boots.
+fps_max 0Unlocks the CS2 frame rate even in menus.
+cl_force­preload 1Preloads essential game assets ahead of a match for smoother initial operation with a longer load time.

How to use multiple CS2 launch commands at once

To use more than one CS2 launch command through Steam at a time, just enter each command followed by a space. Once you press play to launch the game, it will execute each entered command in unison.

Counter-Strike 2 console commands autoexec.cfg

If you’re always using different computer setups, you may want to createan autoexec config file. This file contains a list of console commands that you set ahead of time, upon start up the game will automatically run this file and adjust your settings accordingly.

High-level players, typically those who are used to playing at LAN events will create their own autoexec files ahead of time to ensure their setup remains consistent. You can preset your graphics settings, and mouse sensitivity, and adjust your HUD to instantly switch things to the way youwant them.

How to get more Counter-Strike 2 console commands

We’ve only listed a few of the best CS2 console commands above.If you want more, you only need to turn to the CS2 console itself. It uses an auto-complete feature,suggesting commands as you type.

Not had your CS2 fill just yet? Get a slight edge by using the best CS2 binds to perform multiple actions at once. The best CS2 settings for max FPS will help smooth out any stutters and make the most of your high refresh rate monitor for silky-smooth corner peeking. Lastly, learn how the CS2 ranks and rating system works before you mess up your standing.

Every CS2 console command and cheat (2024)


How to get unlimited money CS2 practice? ›

How do you add money on CS2?
  1. Open the Console: Press the ~ key to bring up the console window.
  2. Turn on Cheat Mode: Type sv_cheats 1 and hit enter. ...
  3. Infinite Cash: Input mp_maxmoney 99999 followed by mp_startmoney 99999 to max out your funds. ...
  4. Shop Anywhere: Don't forget mp_buytime 60000 and mp_buy_anywhere 1.
Mar 4, 2024

How to get unlimited time in CS2? ›

Mastering Infinite Time in CS2

To make use of unlimited time, you need to access the developer console and input the command “mp_roundtime_defuse 60“. This will set the round time to 60 minutes. You can also utilize infinite warm-up time by using the command “mp_warmuptime 9999“.

How to use console commands in CS2? ›

How to open the Counter-Strike 2 console command box. To open the CS2 console command box, you need to dive into the Game Settings tab on the general CS2 settings screen. Look for, and tick, the “Enable Developer Console” setting first, then use the “~” key on your keyboard at any time to call it up.

What is God mode in CS2? ›

God mode is a CS2 console command that enables players to take unlimited damage without dying. It can be used when training on a practice map or playing around with friends on a private server. God mode has changed in CS2, with the old CS:GO command no longer working. Now, the Buddha command is used to enable god mode.

Why is aimbot illegal? ›

As of 2022, there are no federal laws against using aimbots in esports. Still, some high-profile gaming events take legal action against cheating players, which often results in lifetime bans from their accounts and future tournaments relating to the game they cheated in.

Does aimbot cost money? ›

What is the current price of Aimbot AI? The price of 1 Aimbot AI currently costs $5.95.

How to use codes in CS2? ›

If you're wondering how to use a CS2 crosshair code, it's incredibly simple.
  1. Open the CS2 settings by clicking on the cog symbol in the main menu screen.
  2. Navigate to the 'Game' tab and then 'Crosshair'.
  3. On the preview image, click 'Share and import'.
  4. Paste the code into the window that appears and click 'Import'.
Feb 29, 2024

How to get infinite nades in CS2? ›

Go to "Practice" and select "Grenade Camera", "Infinite Ammo" & "Infinite Warmup".

How to kick bots in CS2? ›

How to remove bots in CS2, tips from BRAZY experts
  1. Turn on the developer console in the game settings (or make sure it's turned on).
  2. Press the Tilde key ( ~ ) after selecting the game mode and map to play. ...
  3. Add console commands to remove bots (bot_kick — all bots will be removed from this CS2 match;
Apr 8, 2024

What is the infinite time code in CS:GO? ›

In the console, enter the command 'mp_roundtime_defuse 60' and hit Enter. This pro-level command extends the round time for Bomb Defusal mode to a whopping 60 minutes. Now you can immerse yourself in intense training sessions without the fear of running out of time.

How to get infinite money in CS2? ›

CS2 Money Command: Step-By-Step
  1. In-game, open the console using the (~) key.
  2. Enter the command 'mp_maxmoney 65535'. ...
  3. Enter the commands 'mp_startmoney 65535' and 'mp_afterroundmoney 65535'. ...
  4. Optional: enter the commands 'mp_buytime 60000' and 'mp_buy_anywhere 1'. ...
  5. Restart the game for changes to take effect.
Nov 25, 2023

How to bhop in CS2? ›

How to perform a bunny hop
  1. Start running: Start running forward by pressing W.
  2. Jump: When you gain momentum, press the jump key (either on the keyboard or mouse wheel), which is usually the space bar. ...
  3. Air attack: In the air, release the "W" key.
Oct 27, 2023

How to practice mode in CS2? ›

Start by choosing “Practice With Bots” from the dropdown menu. You then choose the game mode and map you would like to use. Next, you'll need to access the console to activate any of the CS2 practice commands by pressing the tilde key on your keyboard. If it doesn't come up, that means it's not enabled.

How do you give unlimited money in CS:GO? ›

However, if you're just looking to mess around in a private server with friends, you can use console commands like 'mp_maxmoney' to set a high money limit and 'mp_afterroundmoney' to give everyone a load of cash at the end of each round.

How to have infinite ammo in CS2? ›

CS2 & CS:GO sv_infinite_ammo Command

This command, if set to 1, will give you infinite ammunition for your weapon allowing you to fire your gun continuously. If you set this command to 2, you will have infinite ammo to reload with, but you will still run out of ammo after firing all of the bullets in your gun's clip.

How to make money in CS2? ›

There are numerous ways to earn money in CS2, from mastering gameplay and building a streaming career to trading skins, creating content, pursuing an esports career, and utilizing betting opportunities.


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