Truist Park Section 135 (2024)

1. Section 135 - Truist Park Seat Views - SeatGeek

  • See Your View From Seat at Truist Park and Find the Lowest Price on SeatGeek - Let's Go!

  • See Your View From Seat at Truist Park and Find the Lowest Price on SeatGeek - Let’s Go!

2. Section 135 at Truist Park - Seating -

  • Sections in the lower level infield offer excellent views from near the corner bases and on the closest seating tier to the field at Truist Park. Braves fans ...

  • Section 135 Truist Park seating views. See the view from Section 135, read reviews and buy tickets.

3. Truist Park Seating Chart | Atlanta Braves -

4. Food and Beverage Concession Guide | Truist Park | Atlanta Braves

  • Check out all the delicious food and beverage options at Truist Park ... Chili Cheese Dog (Section 135). BRAVES GRAB & GO. Section 133. Bratwurst; Jumbo ...

  • Check out all the delicious food and beverage options at Truist Park!

5. Truist Park Seat Views - SeatGeek

6. Shaded and Covered Seating at Truist Park -

  • Covered seating begins in row 8 of most 100 level sections at SunTrust Park. ... Section 135, Row 20, Seats 1-2. The corner post of a viewing platform ...

  • Find shaded and covered seats at Truist Park. No matter the weather elements, our shade and cover tool helps find the perfect seats for your event. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and enjoyment with our range of shaded and covered seats.

7. Seat View from Section 135 at SunTrust Park | Atlanta Braves

  • Read seating reviews and see the view from section 135 at SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves.

8. Truist Park Seating Chart + Rows, Seats and Club Seats - TicketIQ Blog

  • May 17, 2020 · ... sections of 111-116, 135-141. Lower-level center rows run from 1-11 with end section rows starting at row 1-24. The section at corner ends ...

  • Truist Park  Seating Chart for Atlanta Braves and concerts + Rows, Seats and Club Seats

9. Breakdown Of The Truist Park Seating Chart | Atlanta Braves

  • Tickets for between 22 and 135 guests; Indoor and ... The Party Suites are accessible via the glass doors behind section 213 on Truist Park's terrace level.

  • Our breakdown of the Truist Park seating chart helps baseball fans decide where to sit before purchasing their Atlanta Braves tickets.

10. Truist Stadium (Atlanta Braves)

  • Jan 18, 2022 · Bags are not allowed to enter Truist Park to reduce touchpoints and congestion upon arrival. ... (section 135) at the bottom of the 8th inning. If ...

  • Atlanta Braves - Truist Park, 755 Battery Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30339Want to watch the World Series Champions for a baseball game? We always have a great time at the stadium!Parking: I suggest you buy it ahead of time on the app. You will walk to get in the stadium so be prepared. They do have pedal bikes around that will take you to your car or the stadium. We have used it a few times. All of mine took venmo as I rarely carry cash. Brdge to some parking spotsDrop-offs are permitted near Thir

Truist Park Section 135 (2024)


What is the best section at Truist Park? ›

For an amazing view of the field, consider the “Terrace Corner” sections 210-212. These seats offer one of the best views in the park, and if you're lucky enough to be there on a Friday night, you can stay put for the post-game fireworks show.

How does standing room only work at Truist Park? ›

The Standing Room Only tickets are valid for stadium admission but do not entitle the person to a seat.

How is Truist Park oriented? ›

Truist Park is oriented to the southeast. Each morning the sun rises over left field, curves around the right field foul pole at mid-day and sets behind home plate.

Is Truist Park paid for? ›

In March 2015, a security filing from Braves owners Liberty Media allotted $672 million for Truist Park and $452 million for The Battery Atlanta, which adds up to a total cost of above $1.1 billion. The Braves will spend $181 million over 30 years to help pay off the county's bonds on the project.

Where should I sit at Truist Park to avoid the sun? ›

- Truist Park. “Where should we sit for a 4PM game-NOT to be fried by the sun?” Seats along the first base line are in the shade. Another option is to sit under the over hang.

What seats include food at Truist Park? ›

Located within Sections 1-9 behind home plate, there are only 80 seats in this exclusive club. Enjoy all-inclusive food and beverage options, including a carving station, fresh charcuterie, seafood options, and a full bar. The Truist Club seats are in high demand because of the premium amenities and location.

Are standing room only tickets worth it? ›

Some venues issue standing-room-only (or SRO) tickets for a reduced cost since it can become uncomfortable to stand through the course of an event. However, some fans prefer standing-room-only tickets, as the crowds that gather can be more active than people who are sitting down for much of the event.

How early should I get to the Braves game? ›

Don't leave at 6 for a 7:10 start time. Go two, even three hours early, and make a day of out of it. There is plenty to see and do at The Battery Atlanta, a mixed-use development, adjacent to SunTrust Park, to pass the time.

Can you stand anywhere with standing tickets? ›

Standing tickets are general admission on the ground floor of each venue, there are no seats available in this area. You will be required to stand for the duration of the performance.

What are the disadvantages of Truist? ›

  • Earn almost nothing in terms of interest. Both savings accounts from Truist Bank offer a 0.01% APY.
  • Fees can apply. Account fees can apply to Truist savings accounts if you don't meet certain requirements.
  • Minimum opening balance requirements apply.
Jun 14, 2024

Can you dip at Truist Park? ›

Truist Park is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is permitted in a designated area outside the Third Base Gate. Tobacco use is prohibited in the seating bowl, concourses, Plaza, restrooms and in all premium seating areas.

Is it safe to walk around Truist Park? ›

The park is in a safe area, and has many shops and dining options in the Battery near the entrance to the park.

Can I bring my own food to Truist Park? ›

Outside food is allowed inside of Truist Park as long as it fits inside a clear, gallon sized plastic bag. Guests may also bring a sealed plastic bottle of water. One bag of food and one bottle of water per ticket will be permitted. Additional considerations will be made for those with dietary concerns and infants.

Is Truist Park cash only? ›

Truist Park is a cashless venue. Fans may convert cash to card at the following locations: 1B side Lower Level concourse behind Section 118.

Does Truist Park sell out? ›

ATLANTA (September 25, 2023) – Tickets for National League Division Series and potential National League Championship Series games at Truist Park are officially sold out. NLDS home games one and two will mark the team's 14th and 15th postseason game sellouts in Truist Park history.

What are the best sections to sit at Citizens Bank Park? ›

(P.S.: You'll find sunscreen dispensers around the stadium.) B & E: For a little protection from the elements: Club seats may have premium views, but sections 119-128 are better at guarding you from drizzle and the harshest sun. Same with 233-237, the 400 level, and the back rows of the 100 level.

What section is co*ke Corner at Truist Park? ›

📍Coca-cola corner, section 346!

What is the best lot to park in for Truist Park? ›

Where to Park for Atlanta Braves Games at Truist Park
  • The Delta and Orange decks are the closest parking options to the ballpark. ...
  • Braves lots 9 and 11 are earmarked for A-List members and are just a short walk away from Truist Park.

What section is Delta Club at Truist Park? ›

The Delta SKY360° Club is located behind home plate and one of the most premium clubs in the ballpark. A 50-year sponsor of the Atlanta Braves organization, Delta Air Lines is the exclusive sponsor of the club. It was important to the project team that Delta's brand be delicately integrated throughout the space.


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