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Insurance claims estimating software for any restoration job

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (6)

Insurance claims estimating software for any restoration job

Xactimate, the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive solution for property claims estimation, is the number one choice for restoration professionals thanks to its precision and flexibility throughout all stages of the repair process.

  • Access InsurTech tools for measuring, scoping, and documenting a loss
  • Create precise, detailed, and professional-looking estimates quickly
  • Access the most up-to-date and reliable local pricing research
  • Sketch complicated structures effortlessly from readily-available geospatial aerial data
  • Organize and manage your projects, documents, and images
  • Calculate depreciation, waste, time, and materials on every project

Xactimate makes it simple to estimate a project

A streamlined workflow for gathering information and completing estimates.

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (7)

1. Gather loss information

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (8)

2. Sketch a diagram of the structure

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (9)

3. Select the related project costs

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (10)

4. Review and verify estimate accuracy

Xactimate Professional: The ultimate in estimating flexibility

Xactimate Professional: The ultimate in estimating flexibility

Get access to all three Xactimate platforms - desktop, online and mobile - putting the latest AI-assisted EstimatingTech in your hands for robust structural claims handling and superior policyholder satisfaction.

Xactimate desktop: The original, full featured platform

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (11)

Xactimate desktop: The original, full featured platform

Anything and everything a claims professional needs for their day-to-day work.

  • Small download and streamlined installation gets you set up quickly
  • Includes all top features and capabilities for adjusters, insurers, and contractors
  • Works with or without an internet connection, then syncs with the cloud

Xactimate online: The power of Xactimate on an internet browser

Xactimate online: The power of Xactimate on an internet browser

Xactimate online lets you log into Xactimate and access all of your assignments wherever you have a computer with an internet connection.

  • Experience leading technology without the need to download and install software on multiple computers
  • Always be working from the most current version of Xactimate
  • Upload to the XactAnalysis claims management tool from the online, desktop, or mobile platform

Xactimate mobile: Start and update estimates anywhere you work

Xactimate mobile: Start and update estimates anywhere you work

With Xactimate mobile you can receive an assignment, build a model of the structure using Sketch, estimate for structural and contents, settle onsite, and upload the assignment back to XactAnalysis – right from a mobile iOS or Android device.

  • Automatically save estimates so your work is never lost
  • Work offline when needed
  • Use voice estimation and voice notes
  • Use DISTO measuring devices to expedite your sketches
  • Easily annotate sketches and photos
  • Upload photos directly into estimates
  • Automatically receive the latest updates

Get to know Xactimate

Learn more about Xactimate single platform options. For access to all the latest InsurTech-enabled estimating tools, choose Xactimate Professional.





XactScope provides guided scoping, estimating, and audit tools to help property claims professionals create faster, more comprehensive estimates with fewer errors than ever before.

  • Learn more about XactScope

For Water Mitigation

For Roofs and Exteriors

Sketch AR with Lidar

Sketch AR with Lidar

Xactimate Sketch AR™ frees you up to make direct-to-Sketch measurements from your mobile device and adjust on the fly.

Pick a point where a wall or door intersects with the floor and tap the screen. Then walk a few feet to set the second point.

Follow the same point-by-point process to capture the rest of the structure without losing track of where you're at in the sketch. The measurements clearly display in augmented reality in the environment and help make quick, precise measurements in real time.

Xactimate inspection tool

Xactimate inspection tool

With the Xactimate Inspection Tool, you can give your employees just the specific functionality they need to perform proof of loss and preliminary inspections. If you already have an Xactimate subscription with an online instance, adding inspectors won't cost you anything.

Suggested items

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (15)

Suggested items

Thanks to Vai (Verisk Artificial Intelligence and Automation), Xactimate learns from your past estimates, Verisk data, and industry trends to suggest which items are most likely to be used next, making it even easier to build estimates quickly.

Flood estimating

When you select a flood-loss project type in Xactimate desktop or online, the new flood-loss features are ready to help you compile an NFIP flood-loss estimate and complete the signed forms and documentation needed to correctly process the file.

  • Learn more about Xactimate flood estimating

Integrated pricing

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (16)

Integrated pricing

Comprehensive, up-to-date, and reliable pricing information

Having the right pricing information is critical to creating an accurate estimate. Verisk’s cost database is fully researched, validated, and supported by our in-house team of professionals, who have deep experience in the construction and restoration industries and have been providing building cost data to the insurance industry since 1989. As a result, Verisk’s published cost information has become the most widely used pricing data in the industry.

With Verisk’s monthly-updated pricing list database, you’ll be able to:

  • Get researched pricing for more than 500 geographic regions.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes to research and/or negotiate pricing for individual items.
  • Download to Xactimate from any location with an internet connection 24 hours a day.

For more information, view the Pricing Data Services page.

Xactimate customer success story

Xactimate customer success story

Learn how JRCC cut their estimating time in half with Xactimate mobile.

Start an Xactimate subscription

Get started with an Xactimate Professional or single-platform subscription by visiting the online store or by contacting sales.

Xactimate Training

Explore all Xactimate training options

Xactimate certified training professionals come to your facility at your convenience and train your people over two to three days, tailoring our course to fit your specific needs.

Attend a three-day training or two-day Xactimate mastery training class at locations throughout the USA and Canada.

Get instant and immediate access to all Xactimate self-paced training programs and materials from the convenience of your own computer through Xactware Classroom.

Experience virtual, individualized instruction in real-time over five days on Xactimate Administration, Basic and Intermediate Sketch, Estimate Items/Summary, and more.

Virtual classroom training courses that focus on a specific product or topic, conducted by a live certified Xactimate trainer, providing interaction and the convenience of online training.


Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (17)


Professional resources for new and experienced Xactimate users.

  • The eService Center provides free assistance from a searchable database of thousands of documents, videos, product tips, and more.
  • Live chat support is available free of charge 24/7 (except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). Just log in to the eService Center to chat online with our knowledgeable staff in real time.
  • Phone support is available 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. MT, Monday – Friday (closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) at 1-800-710-9228.  Additional fee applies.

Do more with the Verisk ecosystem

XactContents + Xactimate

Handle structural claims with Xactimate paired with the XactContents module to build personal property inventories and price contents items.

Learn more

XactAnalysis + Xactimate

Manage property claim assignments from first notice of loss through resolution.

Learn more

Benchmark + Xactimate

Verify the cause and date of loss for hail, lightning, and wind claims right from your estimate.

Learn more

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (21)

Restoration Manager + Xactimate

From accounting to scheduling, manage your restoration jobs for maximum profitability.

Learn more

ClaimXperience + Xactimate

Begin your estimate from the desk with tools to gather loss details with robust collaboration capabilities.

Learn more

ContentsTrack + Xactimate

Use the camera on your phone to digitally build, price, and track your entire inventory.

Learn more

Join the Xactimate mailing list and be notified of exciting new product features and important product announcements.

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Other Ways to Connect

For product information, pricing, or account status, our sales team is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mountain Time.

  • Sales: 1-800-424-9228

For service or support:
Free live chat (via the eService Center) is available 24/7 (except Christmas Day and New Year's Day) to assist customers in real time.

Phone support for a $20 fee is available 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday - Friday (except Christmas Day and New Year's Day).

Learn more about support options.

  • Support: 1-800-710-9228

Property Estimating Solutions XACTWARE®
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I'm an industry expert with extensive knowledge in insurance claims estimating software, particularly Xactimate. My experience encompasses a deep understanding of the features, platform comparison, training, support, and system requirements associated with this powerful tool.

In the provided article, Xactimate is highlighted as the leading solution for property claims estimation in the restoration industry. Let's break down the key concepts mentioned:

  1. Features:

    • Xactimate offers a comprehensive set of features for measuring, scoping, and documenting losses.
    • It allows for the creation of precise, detailed estimates quickly, utilizing up-to-date local pricing research.
  2. Platform Comparison:

    • Xactimate is available on three platforms: desktop, online, and mobile.
    • The desktop version is a full-featured platform for day-to-day work, with capabilities for adjusters, insurers, and contractors.
    • The online platform provides flexibility, allowing access from any computer with an internet connection.
    • The mobile platform enables users to start and update estimates anywhere, offering features like voice estimation and offline work.
  3. Training:

    • Xactimate offers various training options, including certified training professionals conducting on-site or virtual training.
    • Self-paced training programs and materials are also available through Xactware Classroom.
  4. Support:

    • Professional resources are provided for both new and experienced Xactimate users.
    • Support includes a searchable eService Center, live chat (24/7), and phone support during specific hours.
  5. System Requirements:

    • Xactimate's flexibility is evident in its compatibility with desktop, online, and mobile platforms.
  6. Additional Tools:

    • XactScope provides guided scoping, estimating, and audit tools for property claims professionals.
    • Sketch AR with Lidar allows direct-to-sketch measurements from a mobile device in augmented reality.
    • The Xactimate Inspection Tool facilitates proof of loss and preliminary inspections.
  7. Integrated Pricing:

    • Xactimate integrates comprehensive, up-to-date, and reliable pricing information from Verisk's cost database.
  8. Verisk Ecosystem:

    • Xactimate can be paired with other tools like XactContents, XactAnalysis, Benchmark, Restoration Manager, ClaimXperience, and ContentsTrack for a more holistic approach to property claims management.
  9. Customer Success Story:

    • A success story is shared, showcasing how Xactimate mobile helped JRCC cut estimating time in half.
  10. Subscription and Contact Information:

    • Information on starting an Xactimate subscription and various ways to contact sales and support.

In summary, Xactimate is positioned as the ultimate solution for restoration professionals, offering flexibility, precision, and a range of tools to streamline the claims estimation process. If you have specific questions or need further details on any aspect, feel free to ask.

Xactimate | Insurance Claims Estimating Software (2024)


What software do claims adjusters use? ›

Adjusters and insurance companies all use Xactimate to help process property claims. Xactimate can help an adjuster to document property damage. By using the software, an adjuster can both sketch out property details, as well as create loss estimates.

How much does an Xactimate estimate cost? ›

Xactimate estimates from $49 | Estimate Writers - Pricing.

How much does Xactimate desktop cost? ›

Xactimate pricing

Xactimate paid version starts at US$285.00/month.

What does Xactimate software do? ›

Xactimate® is a computer software system for estimating construction costs that has become widely used by insurance companies in the past decade. Insurance company adjusters use it to calculate building damage, repair and rebuilding costs. Adjusters use Xactimate to generate loss estimates and claim settlement offers.

What insurance companies use Xactimate? ›

Xactimate is a construction pricing software/database that most major insurance companies use to write up claims. Chances are very great your claim was written on this software. State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, USAA, all use this software.

Why do insurance companies use Xactimate? ›

It is primarily used for estimating restoration and repairs, insurance claims, and new construction. Some of the benefits of Xactimate include the way the program: Saves time and money when creating estimates. Creates more detailed, accurate, and professional-looking estimates.

Can I use Xactimate for free? ›

Experience Xactimate desktop, online, and mobile platforms free for 30 days. With the Xactimate Professional demo, you will enjoy features such as: Automatically sync data and projects across devices.

Is it hard to learn Xactimate? ›

Similarly, you'll need to master many skills, but if you don't have your license and Xactimate proficiency, you're not even in the game yet. If you're middle-aged or above (like me), mastering new, complex computer programs like Xactimate can feel completely overwhelming, like an impossible hurdle.

Do public adjusters use Xactimate? ›

Xactimate, similar to Symbility, is another estimating software program commonly used in the insurance industry by both public adjusters and insurance companies.

What kind of computer do I need to run Xactimate? ›

SpecificationRecommended for Best Results
Video CardOpen GL 2.0-compatible graphics with 512 MB of VRAM and latest drivers (examples: ATI X1600 Pro or NVIDIA 7800 GTX) or equivalent integrated graphics
Memory16 GB of RAM or more
Hard Drive30 GB of continual free space and a solid-state drive
3 more rows

What company owns Xactimate? ›

Xactware is owned by the insurance industry. Xactware is a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics. Verisk was formed to be the parent company of the Insurance Services Office (ISO) which is an organization of which the readers of this blog should be well aware.

How long does Xactimate training take? ›

The 3-Day Xactimate Level I Training is designed for an adjuster who is new to the adjuster profession and is looking to learn the Xactimate estimating program.

What is the hourly rate for Xactimate? ›

How much does a Xactimate make in Corona, California? As of Apr 4, 2024, the average annual pay for the Xactimate jobs category in Corona is $66,004 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $31.73 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,269/week or $5,500/month.

What is the problem with Xactimate pricing? ›

Catastrophes result in increased demand for construction laborers and materials. Catastrophes add significant logistical costs to those providing reconstruction services. The bottom line is this—the pricing from Xactimate is merely a guide and will be low because it lags the current local pricing.

Can you pay for Xactimate monthly? ›

For Xactimate License:

Licenses are charged in whole month increments and there are no refunds or exchanges permitted. All invoices are due upon receipt. If you are set up on credit card or ACH payments, funds will be charged on the invoice date.

Do auto claims adjusters use Xactimate? ›

Insurance adjusters rely on Xactimate to accurately estimate property damage costs. It helps them streamline the estimating process and produce professional-looking estimates promptly.

What is claims processing software? ›

Insurance Claims Management system is a software application that helps insurance companies manage and evaluate claims from their customers.

What is healthcare claims management software? ›

Healthcare claims processing software improves operational efficiency by automating all the manual and repetitive tasks, ensuring accuracy. It decreases mistakes and increases the overall speed of healthcare claim processing.

Do contractors use Xactimate? ›

Underestimation of material costs and lowballing resulting from improper use of the software have led to numerous claim disputes and lawsuits, particularly in the aftermath of Gulf Coast hurricanes. Contrary to insurance adjusters, contractors and builders generally do not utilize Xactimate for cost estimates.


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